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Your Go-To Space To:

Study The Word, Build Community

& Grow Your Relationship With God.



At Women Who Will Ministries, our vision is to provide a global platform for women to fulfill their purpose through Biblical literacy and application.


It all started with a yes!

The Community You've Been Praying For

Oftentimes we’ve found that without community, attempts toward living for God seem like a long list of do-not’s, and a never-ending cycle of running to and away from our Heavenly Father. Perhaps you’re wondering if God even truly hears your prayers, or if He is satisfied with the inconsistency within your relationship, such as getting into His Word. Maybe you are not confident in knowing your purpose. 

Well, sis, we can assure you that we have been there along with so many other women around the world. God has since equipped us to create this space for women like YOU,  who will no longer have to travel this journey alone! Where we can all band together on this journey as we grow in our walk with Christ. It all starts with a “Yes!” to God!​​

  • Virtual & interactive Bible studies that help you to get a better understanding of His Word.

  • Networking opportunities to meet faithful women of God locally and internationally to band together in discipleship. 

  • Community workshops, fasts, events, and challenges to strengthen your faith.

  • FREE downloadable guided Bible studies to help drive your personal study time with God. 

  • And so much more!


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 Amber & Arielle


Amber Sherrill’s journey to knowing God for herself began when she started being honest with Him about her lack of passion, direction, and discipline to pursue a relationship with Him. From there, Amber’s "yes" to the Lord taking the lead of her life led to His will being done through her commitment to maintaining obedience. Her "yes" was the seed that was planted, by His Spirit was it watered, and soon grew into a Podcast (Between Me & God), a women’s Bible study and community, church speaking engagements, and she serves as the CEO and co-founder of Women Who Will Ministries. 

Arielle Alyssa’s journey to knowing God for herself began in college as she relinquished control over leading her life and sought to have purpose and favor in her endeavors. Arielle joined a campus ministry for community, which led her to leading and developing Bible studies for her peers. Her “yes” back then was the initial seed that would be cultivated, and by it honing her spiritual gifts, i.e, administrator, thus partnering with Amber in co-leading and creating women’s bible studies, and serving as the COO and co-founder of Women Who Will Ministries.

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